Trainings - Education

Cleanliness Audit

The Audits of cleanliness represent one of the most effective tools for monitoring of contamination in the area and for prediction of emergence of undesirable contamination.

Training for Auditors

As a leader in the field of performance of Audits of cleanliness and increasing requirements from the side of the final customers, we organize expert preparation of the Auditors of cleanliness in compliance with the registered platform Cleanliness Audits Excellence.

Technical cleanliness according to VDA 19.1 requirements; VDA 19.2 and ISO
Basic Requirements

The aim is to provide and deliver organizations the knowledge necessary for determining the degree of purity and the subsequent determination of methods of measurement and evaluation of technical cleanliness.


Technical cleanliness - Complex solution of technical grade (VDA 19.x and ISO)

The aim of the training is to prepare participants in practical terms for a production planning and management system in order to eliminate the risks of contamination and prevent pollution of the working environment, workers or product.

Audit Tool - Soft TC

The Soft TC computer program is used to assess the technical cleanliness as well as to assess the effects of individual factors on the technical cleanliness in the respective clean rooms.

Customer Specific Requirements - CSR

Training on specific OEM requirements – Customer <-> Supplier relationship . The training will help participants to acquire knowledge in the field of quality management systems applied in the automotive industry defined by VW, BMW and other…

Interpretation of requirements of international Standards ISO 9001:2015 and
IATF 16 949:2016

Interpretation of individual requirements and elements of the standard in connection with practice increases the understanding of the specific requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and IATF16 949: 2016 standards for maintaining the quality management system.

Quality switch knob positioned on maximum, white background and green light. Conceptual image for quality management and Improvement.

Core Tools - Quality Assurance

A set of training and practical workshops focused on basic quality methods and core tools such as: APQP, PPAP, MLA, PPF-VDA2, Quality Tools, Problem Solving, Global 8D, Control Plan, and many others …

Training and consulting services in the form of open seminars are realized in cooperation with Filter Technik Slovakia in their newly built premises.

Thanks to cooperation with the company Pragolab we can offer services, counseling and education in the form of open seminars with a place of performance in the Czech Republic, namely in Brno and Prague.