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Technical cleanliness - Basic requirements of Technical cleanliness (VDA 19.x and ISO)


Technical cleanliness belongs to basic standards required by the representatives of advanced industrial segments (automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry, production of medical aids etc.), where the presence of contamination has significant influence on specific characteristics of the products, which may influence safety, functionality, reliability, lifetime.

The requirements of Technical cleanliness and Cleanliness of environment are specified in the Standards ISO 16232, ISO 13 485, ISO 14644, in Standards VDA 19.1 and VDA 19.2, and possibly in branch specifications (automotive industry – VW 01134, QV 11 111, STD 107-0002).

By means of the training, the participants will be acquainted with the requirements of effective introduction and monitoring of cleanliness at defined elements of processes, which have significant influence on functionality of delivered components in automotive industry.

The target is to acquire knowledge necessary for specification of Degrees of technical cleanliness and subsequent specification of methodologies of measurement and evaluation of technical cleanliness.

An integral part of the training is a short briefing regarding Audits of cleanliness by means of Licensed SW.

Main topics:

  • Requirements for measurement and control of cleanliness according to international ISO and VDA Standards
  • Specification of cleanliness – Derivation of limit cleanliness values
  • Selection of test methods – Methods of cleanliness tests;
  • Selection of extraction procedure
  • Qualified investigation and value of a blind test
  • Analytic filtration
  • Selection of analysis procedure
  • Concept of clean production
  • Measurement of impact on cleanliness
  • Surrounding environment – Classification of degree of cleanliness
  • Logistics
  • Personnel
  • Assembly pieces of equipment
  • CAE – Audit of cleanliness – evaluation of adherence to cleanliness requirements

Target group of participants:

Employees responsible for introduction of cleanliness in industry, employees of laboratories, employees from the Quality segment, process engineers, technologists, product and project managers and managerial staff participating and monitoring Technical cleanliness.

After successful completion of the training, the participant acquires a licensed CAE® certificate „Technical cleanliness according to the requirements of VDA 19.1; VDA 19.2 and ISO Standards “. The Certificate has international validity.


The participants of the training „Technical cleanliness – Basic requirements of the Technical cleanliness (VDA 19.x and ISO)“ have a possibility to continue in specialist preparation of Auditors of cleanliness – licensed CAEs®, with a condition of one’s completion (proof of a document regarding completion) of a training focused on the requirements of international ISO and VDA Standards regarding technical cleanliness and of a system of auditing in accordance with the international Standard ISO 19011:2018.

Dates of open trainings:

Place of open trainings:


Lenght of training:

2 days


The price includes

– CAE® training course fee,

– rich training documentation,

– experienced trainer with auditing practice in the area of technical cleanliness,

– refreshment.


The deadline for the training is 7 days before its commencement.


At registration of multiple participants from one company, for the second and next participants we grant a discount of 10 %.