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FormelQ - contractually agreed requirements of the Volkswagen AG Group


The “FormelQ contractually agreed requirements of the Volkswagen AG Group” training will help the participants to adopt knowledge in the field of Quality Management systems applied in automotive industry and defined by VW GROUP, prepare them for effective utilization of Quality tools in Company practice for the Automotive segment, where the participants of the training acquire theoretical and practical experience from the area of VDA and B2B portal, to perform assessment of suppliers, audits,  to perform analyses and fulfilment of specifications from the side of VW GROUP at their suppliers in the entire chain.


Experienced trainer (from the VW environment) will acquaint the participants of the training with case studies during online access to the VW portal.


The company Centrum vzdelávania – IMS, s.r.o. (Centre of Education) is a registered supplier and business partner of Volkswagen AG with assigned identification number ID D19758W.

Main topics:

  • Introduction into the FormelQ topic
  • Specified requirements for assurance of quality of suppliers and subsuppliers for VW Group;
  • Contractually agreed rules of VW Group;
  • Working with portal;
  • Selected requirements of FormelQ Konkret
  • Agreement of Quality Management between the VW Group and the suppliers
  • Basic themes of FormelQ Capability
  • Qualitative capability of suppliers
  • Directives for evaluation
  • Basis themes of FormelQ New parts
  • Qualification program for new parts „QPNI“
  • 2-Day production, preparation and realization of new parts
  • Basic themes of FormelQ Capability software
  • Contractually agreed requirements for securing quality of processes

Target group of participants:

  • employees who assure process quality of purchased parts for VW GROUP,
  • employees who participate in monitoring and management of suppliers for VW GROUP,
  • employees who want to get acquainted with the requirements of VW GROUP specifications for Quality assurance of purchased parts and assessment of suppliers.

After successful completion of the training, the participants acquire a certificate on completion of the training “Formel IQ – Contractually agreed rules of the Volkswagen AG group”.

The Certificate has international validity.

Dates of open trainings:

Žilina Praha/Brno
We plan to ...

Place of open trainings:



Lenght of training:

2 days


The price includes

– CAE® training course fee,

– rich training documentation,

experienced trainer with auditing practice (from the VW GROUP environment)

– refreshment.


The deadline for the training is 7 days before its commencement.


At registration of multiple participants from one company, for the second and next participants we grant a discount of 10 %.