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Cleanliness Auditors Training - CAE® Licensed Course


The training of Cleanliness Auditors under the auspices of CAE® licensed courses is a guaranteed preparation of 1st & 2nd party Cleanliness Auditors with international validity.

The preparation of the Auditors of Cleanliness is aimed at performing internal and external audits for effective monitoring of the Technical Cleanliness system in the relevant industry (automotive, pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturing, etc.) where the presence of contamination has a significant impact on specific product characteristics and contamination can affect the safety, functionality, reliability, durability and quality of production and services.


Performance requirements for Audit of Cleanliness are given in ISO 13 485 (Medical Device Quality Management System), ZVEI – Technical Cleanliness in Electrical Engineering, ISO 14644, Standards and Sector Specifications – QV 11 111, STD 107-0002, RENAULT 34 – 07 – 006, etc.


Through the licensed course, participants will be made familiar with the requirements of the international standard ISO 19011: 2018 for auditing management systems as well as auditing for technical cleanliness (VDA, FED STD 209, AS 9100 and ISO requirements).


The aim is to acquire the knowledge needed to plan and perform purity audits, monitor contamination risk factors and perform sampling and contamination monitoring in accordance with international standards.

Main topics:

  • Technical Cleanliness System
  • ISO 19011: 2018 – Guidance for audits of management systems
  • Audit of cleanliness – interpretation of specified requirements – VDA
  • Audit of cleanliness – Interpretation of specified requirements – FED STD 209E and ISO
  • Cleanliness Audits CAE® in accordance with ISO 19011: 2018

Target group of participants:

  • staff performing internal / external cleanliness audits,
  • staff performing internal / external audits with a view to becoming Auditors of Cleanliness,
  • senior officials appointed in charge of Technical Cleanliness,
  • executives involved in the implementation and monitoring of Technical Cleanliness,
  • personnel wishing to be familiar with carrying out cleanliness audits and contamination impact analyzes through licensed software.

Conditions for participation:

Successful completion of the training Technical cleanliness – Complex requirements of Technical cleanliness (VDA 19.x and ISO) – licensed CAE®


Documentation needed after completion of training:

  • Current passport photo in digital format (jpeg, png),
  • Curriculum vitae in English,
  • Consent to the processing of personal data.

Upon successful completion of training, the participant will receive a CEA® Certified Cleanliness Auditor Certificate and an Cleanliness Auditor 1st & 2nd party card.

The certificate has international validity.

Dates of open trainings:

Žilina Praha Brno
3.12 - 5.12.2019
31.3 - 2.4.2020 21.4 - 23.4.2020
7.7 - 9.7.2020 24.6 - 26.6.2020

Place of open trainings:







Lenght of training:

3 days


The price includes

– CAE® training course fee,

– rich training documentation,

– experienced trainer with auditing practice in the area of technical cleanliness,

– refreshment.


The deadline for the training is 7 days before its commencement.


At registration of multiple participants from one company, for the second and next participants we grant a discount of 10 %.