Cleanliness Audit

If we are able to influence positively (to decrease the influence of pollution) the emergence of contamination, we are able to secure the requirements for FUNCTIONALITY of the components and NO-FAILURE production, which represents in the era of INDUSTRY 4.0 (digital transformation in industry) a key aspect of technologic revolution, which changes principally our style of life, work and mutual communication.

The Audits of cleanliness represent one of the most effective tools for monitoring of contamination in the area and for prediction of emergence of undesirable contamination.

Our specialist team of auditors offers complex provision of performance of the audit of cleanliness according to 

CAE – Cleanliness Audits Excellence.

The performance of an audit is controlled by a licensed software and the entire course of an audit is technically communicated with the client.

Our auditors will set up your audit process:

  • Definition of concrete targets of the Audit of cleanliness
  • Draft of the plan of the Audit of cleanliness
  • Realization
  • Sampling (taking of samples for analysis)
  • Running evaluation


Audit of cleanliness is one of the requirements of prevention of contamination, required in the automotive industry.

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