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Training for Auditors

As a leader in the field of performance of Audits of cleanliness and increasing requirements from the side of the final customers, we organize expert preparation of the Auditors of cleanliness in compliance with the registered platform Cleanliness Audits Excellence.

Technical cleanliness

Basic requirements of Technical cleanliness (VDA 19.x and ISO)

By means of the training, the participants will be acquainted with the basic requirements of effective introduction and monitoring of cleanliness at defined elements of processes, which have significant influence on functionality of delivered components in automotive industry.

Technical cleanliness

Complex requirements of Technical cleanliness (VDA 19.x and ISO)

Specialist training Technical cleanliness – Complex solution of Technical cleanliness, is modularly focused on specialist preparation of future Auditors of cleanliness and employees who will implement and monitor the System of cleanliness in the respective industrial segment (automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry, production of medical aids etc.)