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Cleanliness Audits Excellence represents an internationally registered complex of performance of Audits of cleanliness with utilization of licensed Soft-TC software.

The audit team comprises qualified experts from the field of Technical cleanliness

Audits of cleanliness, as well as application methods of evaluation of contamination by methods of microscopy.

The result of our work and professional approach is the expert cooperation with leading companies in the field of technical cleanliness, such as PRAGOLAB, Filter Technik Slovakia Air Technology.


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It is important to realize that CLEANLINESS must be sensibly PERCEIVED as a SYSTEM.

Cleanliness Audit

The Audits of cleanliness represent one of the most effective tools for monitoring of contamination in the area and for prediction of emergence of undesirable contamination.

Training for Auditors

As a leader in the field of performance of Audits of cleanliness and increasing requirements from the side of the final customers, we organize expert preparation of the Auditors of cleanliness in compliance with the registered platform Cleanliness Audits Excellence.

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